40th anniversary single
Give 'Em Hell
Gettin' Heavy
15th August 2020
CD version available exclusively from this website.


Andro Coulton’s Give ‘Em Hell would like to welcome our new lead guitarist, Gee Harliquin.
We were expecting to have to wait until lockdown was over and audition for the position, but Andro found out last week that Gee was available and asked him if he was interested in joining the band. He said yes straight away. Andro, Shaz and Gee have been friends for around 10 years and he supported their previous band ZXY at the B2 in Norwich in 2014. Gee joined the band onstage at the sound check and they played Give ‘Em Hell, so he had his audition back then! He was then signed to Andro’s Vyper Records in 2015 for Gee’s solo album Now or Never. He is also a massive Witchfynde fan having started the Witchfynde Unofficial Facebook page.

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